Write More, Stress Less

Many writers work too hard to produce too little. Even the thought of writing can cause them stress. When you’re stressed, it’s harder to write…and so a vicious cycle begins.

Stress can come from outside: a tight deadline, a boss who hates your writing, an overcrowded schedule. Then there’s self-doubt and mistaken beliefs about writing…such as the idea that great writers get it right the first time.

The first step in taking the stress out of writing is to understand that it’s a process. Writing is less painful if you take some time to plan, write often for a short time, and give yourself permission to make a mess that you’ll later clean up.

You can also borrow methods and models from expert writers. Many of their strategies can be found in Write More, Stress Less: From Getting Ideas to Getting It Done.


Four Writing Energies (book excerpt)

Dialogue with a Writing Energy (journal prompt)

Forced-Question Organizer (idea-generating tool)

Progress Chart (customizable progress tracker)

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Write More, Stress Less is a fantastic resource for anyone who writes – whether they are an experienced writer creating book-length manuscripts, or a relative novice writing class papers or business reports. Writing in an easy-to-understand, just-friends- having-coffee kind of tone, Cecelia weaves time-tested advice with stories and examples to demystify writing and reminds us all that writing is a process rather than a finished product that just magically appears. A must-read for anyone who writes!

Terri A. Deems, PhD, Co-author
Leading in Tough Times and Make Job Loss Work for You!

Writing well is like creating and running a small business. Hard work, adaptability, momentum, discipline are critical for success. Munzenmaier shares tools for success for writers as they face their internal madman, architect, carpenter and judge. Novice and seasoned writers learn to lessen the pain of writing and to bravely let their ideas emerge, collide and eventually cohere onto paper. I wish I’d known the techniques she shares when I struggled with my first book.

William H. Powell, author
Past Chapter Chair, Northwest Arkansas SCORE

This book is a gem. It is short, clear and to the point. It can be a help to new authors and to those with more experience. Getting a useful piece of writing ready for publication is no easy task, and this book provides a useful guide through the stresses of completing a manuscript. Ms. Munzenmaier’s experience writing and teaching others to write shines through. Her various sources and ideas for further reading enrich her work without bogging it down.

Lynn Underwood, PhD.
founder Research Integration

Charming, well-illustrated, memorable examples, the best of the best on writing tips, enough but not too much. Rarely does a book on writing make me 1) laugh out loud and 2) want to keep reading. This did both.

Professor Max Davis
Kaplan University

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